About Tribalanga Festival

When and Where?
04-08.08.2022, in the very close neighbourhood of Biebrzanski Park Narodowy, near Goniądz (PL), Podlaskie voivodeship

Location map link

BIEBRZA river is called a "living river" because it changes its riverbed every year, creating new meanders and bends. TRIBALANGA like Biebrza, is a LIVE ORGANISM that changes its shape every year.
Every year, She welcomes new GUESTS, shows them their BEAUTY, invites them to DANCE, encourages them to CELEBRATE.
Tribalanga gives us a SPACE where we can be FREE and HAPPY. She tempts us to get to know ourselves. Encourages to CONTACT with others.
Tribalanga will take care of you, will COVER with hers warmth, will SOOTH you with a scent.

Our Vision

The land of  Tribalanga has warm and pleasant climate that stimulates your actions and imagination. What will you choose to do and when? You are free to decide for yourself. It's a unique place where you can touch your innerself, and regenerate. Tribalanga Festival is an open space for artists, friends, all people who love nature and tolerance. Allow yourself to feel it.

Biebrza nature

A wide range
of music

Jam Session

Fire shows, live performance



Art gallery


Three scenes

Relaxation and massage zones

Interesting cuisine


DIY decorations

Campsite & parking


Line Up

Ane (PL)

Bass Buddha (PL)

BMI Goes India (NL)

Boris (PL)

Cadih (DE)

Dalton Trance Teleport (HR)

Fern (PL)

Gammatone (PL)

Giriu Dvasios (LT)

Green Beats (ES)

Green Jesus (PL)

Kosy (PL)

Kwazar (PL)

Mifi (PL)

Mihvu b2b Sonik (PL)

Newborn JR. (PL)


Szoszana XD (PL)

Organic Sounds (PL)

Oiler Room (PL)


Zakmina (LT)




Djembe workshop / take your own instrument

Didgeridoo workshop

Circle of singing


Slavic yoga for women

Yoga with a drum

Tribal Fusion Dance

Theater workshop with Teater Soma


Molding in clay

Creating your own herbal blend for smoking

Creating forest talismans (using natural materials)

Cyanotype workshop

Micromacrame: creating your own jewelry

Wild wreaths


Energetic differences between a woman and a man

Workshop: Intimate communication for couples and singles

Circle of women with cocoa medicine

Medical mushrooms

Shirin Goku

Aromatherapy: How to Create Your Home First Aid Kit


Tribal Fusion Dance Flow

Dancing with fans

Spiral dance

Mechanical Hen procession - Podlaska Kokoshka

Fire show

UV spectacle

“The elements” spectacle

“Simple Story” puppet show


Friday : 11:00-16:30

Saturday: 11:00-16:30

Sunday: 11:00-13:00


How to get to Tribalanga Festival?

You can get to the Tribalanga Festival in many ways: by car (download the map), by train (Station: Osowiec) or by bus (Stop: Goniądz).
Coordinates according to Google Maps: 53 ° 28'28.4 "" N 22 ° 40'55.6 "" E

Railway station: the most convenient connection for all traveling by train is access to the station Osowiec / near Goniądz (Podlasie). The station is located 2.5 km from the festival site

Bus: a convenient bus connection is, for example, route from Białystok - Goniądz (Podlaskie). The bus stop is 4 km away from the festival site.

Do you organize any form of shared-traveling to the Festival?

You can join the groups on FB: Tribalanga Społeczność (click) and Trip2Balanga (click), where you can find not only a travel companion but also friends for life. Traveling together is super fun thing to do!

Is it possible to change the ticket owner?

Yes, the ticket ownership can be transferred to another person, as stated in Festival Regulations document. Ticket ownership changes are handled by biletomat.pl. Changes can be made by writing to the following address: pomoc@biletomat.pl (we do not require it).

When and what time do you open the festival gates?

We invite you to the festival area from Thursday, August 4, 2022, from 1.30 pm.

From what time can I enter the festival area with one-day ticket?

Holders of one-day tickets (if available) are entitled to enter the festival site from 12.00 p.mt o 12.00 p.m the next day (or the same, if purchased after 00:00).

Will there be access to drinking water on site?

Yes, there will be a drinking water point on site. There will be also bottled water available to buy.

Sanitary facilities

Sanitary containers and shower containers will be available at the campsite & festival area.

Can I bring my dog?

We love dogs, but due to their comfort and safety it will not be possible to enter the Tribalanga Festival with a dog without the consent of the Organizer. Guide dogs are an exception. You can apply for the consent via e-mail: tribalanga@gmail.com

Who can enter the Tribalanga festival site?

Entry to the Tribalanga festival is available to persons who have valid Tickets. After entering the site, all participants will receive a wristband.Persons under the age of 18 may stay at the event area only under the supervision of an adult. Kids under age of 15 can enter for free under the supervision of an adult.

How will I pay at the festival?

We strongly encourage you to take cash with you. There won't be any ATMs at the Tribalanga Festival (the closest one is in Goniądz, 4 km away). However, you will be able to pay by card in some places.

Food & Drinks during the Festival

There will be a food court within the festival area where various food options will be available (local, vegetarian / vegan, meat). The site will sell alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. In addition, coffee, tea and other delicious, healthy herbs.

Where can I find the festival regulations?

Tribalanga Festival Regulations document is accessible to everyone and can be found under this link (click).

Tribalanga Festival starts in:








MUSIC&WORKSHOPS: tribalanga.art@gmail.com