Tribalanga Festival 2020 – Regulations

1. General statements

“TRIBALANGA FESTIVAL” hereinafter called “Festival” or “Party”, takes place on 6-9.08.2020 in the near of Goniądz city.

The organizer of the festival is the Association “Space of Artists”, hereinafter called the “Association” or “Organizer” with the seat: ul. Plac 11 Listopada 17B, 19-110 Goniądz, Podlasie Voivodeship.

Email adress:

The Regulations apply to all Festival Participants, including Security, Organizers and Service located on the Event Area.
The Regulations state and define about the rights and obligations of the Festival Participant.

2. Tickets

“Ticket” accreditation premium treated as a donation supporting the Association in covering the costs of organizing the event (Organizers work socially).

Fees can be paid:
– via the internet on the website,
– at designated points, announced by the organizer,
– during the Event at a designated point at the entrance to the festival area (unless the maximum number of entries is reached).

Tickets sold via the Internet are personal and have the form of blank forms with a unique QR code containing data enabling identification of the participant. The ticket is the only confirmation of purchase accepted at the entrance to the Festival

One purchased Ticket entitles only one person to enter the event area.

The purchased Ticket cannot be exchanged or refunded.

It is possible to transfer / assign a personal Ticket to another participant. To do this, please contact the organizer at

“Participant” – a person participating in the Event on a valid Ticket / invitation or ID issued by the Organizer.
Each person, who is not the Association’s help, who wants to take part in the event, must pay an accreditation fee (purchase of a “Ticket”). By paying the membership fee, you will receive the Association’s supporting status for the duration of the Festival.

The Participant of the Event may be an adult or a minor under the care of an adult. A minor is a person under the age of 18 (Article 10 of the Civil Code).

The minor stays at the Event Venue only under the responsibility of the adult under whose care he / she remains.
(Children up to 15 years of age accompanied by their parents do not need a separate admission ticket.)

“Order and Information Services” means, among others employees of the security agency for persons or property established by the Organizer to care for the safety of people participating in the Event, including the control of Participants’ rights to enter the Event Venue. Members of the Security and Information Services have identifiers placed in a visible place, containing: name, identification number and facial image, expiry date, seal and signature of the organizer;

Area of ​​the Event (Festival) marked on the map, the area where the Event is carried out.

The organizer may refuse entry to the Festival and stay at persons:
– who do not have a Ticket / ID,
– under the visible influence of narcotic or psychotropic substances,
– behaving in a way that deviates from generally accepted norms of behavior,
– possessing dangerous objects,
– without an identity document (ID card / driving license / passport).

When entering the Festival area for the first time, the participant is obliged to present the Ticket. On its basis, he will be granted an ID card entitling him to enter and move around the Festival grounds. The identifier is in the form of a wristband.

The participant may leave and return to the Event Venue any number of times.

The festival is a social event, i.e. an ordinary event held on private property and is not subject to the provisions of the Act on Safety of Mass Events of March 20, 2010. (Journal of Laws No. 62, item 504).

The festival is a closed event, which can only be attended by persons who are members of the Association or persons invited / accredited by this organization.

Such a fee should be paid through the accredited sales channels listed in point tickets

The proof of obtained consent to participate in the event is a colored wristband, which should be shown at each request of the Organizers and Security.

One-day tickets entitle you to stay at the festival site from 12.00 to 12.00 the next day (or the same, if purchased after 0.00).

3. Entry to the event area

1) Entry to the Event Venue is available to persons who have Tickets, to which, upon first entry, ID badges / wristbands are issued after verification.

2) The participant is obliged to wear the ID in a place visible on the wrist.

3) Children up to 15 years of age accompanied by their parents do not need a separate entrance ticket.

4) The specimen of the ID is determined by the Organizer, the Participant is obliged to wear the ID on the premises of the event in a way that allows for quick identification of the event participant. Only one person can use the badge, it is forbidden to give it away. Damage, tearing, loss or theft of the Identifier makes it invalid.

5) Notwithstanding the fulfillment of the above conditions, the following persons are not entitled to enter the Event Venue:
a) an ID / wristband but not having a Ticket,
b) under the visible influence of alcohol, intoxicants, psychotropic substances or other similarly acting substances,
c) possessing weapons or other dangerous objects, explosives, pyrotechnic products, fire-hazardous materials, narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances.
d) behaving aggressively, provocatively, irreverently or in any other way posing a threat to the safety or order of the Event,
e) with whistles, trumpets and other noisy gadgets,
g) whose external appearance makes it impossible to identify,
h) with other dangerous items,
i) who do not have an identity document (ID card, driving license or passport),
j) minors up to 18 years without adult guardians;

6) Participants of the Festival and all other people who are on its premises are obliged to follow the instructions of the Security and Information Services and the organizers of the Event.
Minors participate in the Event under the sole responsibility of the persons who supervise them.

7) Every person entering the festival site for the first time is required to present a valid identity card and present a Ticket or a Code which authorizes them to receive the accreditation they are entitled to. Moreover, minors are required to stay under the supervision of a guardian.

8) Damaged bands (broken, cut, glued, illegible, etc.) are invalid and are subject to exchange for a duplicate, for the issue of which an additional fee of PLN 5 is set.

9) The data provided when purchasing tickets and collecting identifiers are only used to record and ensure security at the Festival and are processed in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on the protection of personal data. (Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended). After the festival, all sensitive data is destroyed.

4. General statements

1) The organizers are not responsible for moral and health damages of the participants of the event.

2) It is not allowed to bring into the Festival area any items that may pose a threat to the health or life of participants. The classification of the object as dangerous is assessed by the Security and Information Services.

3) People behaving aggressively, vulgarly or to the detriment of the festival will be disciplinary removed from the festival area. In extreme cases, transferred to the Police.

In addition, participants are prohibited from:
– entering and staying in areas that are not allowed for participants,
– crossing places separated by tape,
– throwing any objects,
– kindling a fire, lighting fireworks or luminous balls,
– littering the object.

6) The organizer ensures fire safety by ensuring that:
a) service staff, Security and Information Services will know the location of handheld firefighting equipment and the rules of conduct in the event of a fire;
b) Security and Information Services will be trained in: principles of evacuation, methods of alerting the fire brigade, principles of using handheld fire-fighting equipment and providing medical first aid.

7) The Festival participant who is the perpetrator of material damage will be held liable under applicable law.

8) Each participant of the event is obliged to follow the organizer’s recommendations and decisions.

9) The participant is obliged to inform the organizer or employees of the event about situations of threat to human life or property, or other dangerous situations.

10) The organizers reserve the right to change and supplement the Festival program at any time.

11) The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event, change the date and / or place of its holding for reasons beyond the control of the organizer. Such reasons may be, for example, the declaration of national mourning, a serious failure of the infrastructure or other random events, force majeure.

In the event of cancellation of the event, the organizer will not be obliged to pay any compensation or compensation except for the return of the ticket amount in the event of cancellation of the event as a result of accidents beyond the Organizer’s control,

12) Entering the event area is a simultaneous consent to use the image of the event participant in connection with the production, presentation, advertising or use of film, video and audio recording of the event.

13) Only the Organizers and persons authorized by them with an ID badge may stay in the zones and rooms intended for the Organizers.

14) People staying at the Festival Venue are exposed to sound of an intensity that may damage their hearing. The participant undertakes to keep a safe distance from sound sources and / or use appropriate hearing protection. Being aware of the risk, the Participant waives any claims regarding the consequences of failure to comply with the organizer’s recommendations.

15) Conducting any commercial or advertising activity without the Organizer’s authorization, and on the Event Venue, is prohibited and may result in disciplinary removal from the Festival.

16) The organizers are not responsible for lost or unattended items. Found items that will go to the organizer will be stored for 14 days. Questions regarding them should be sent by e-mail to the following address:

17) Each person accrediting to the Festival automatically confirms the knowledge of the Regulations.

5. Complaints

1) The organizer is not responsible for the effects of Force Majeure. Force Majeure is an event beyond the Organizer’s control, which makes the performance of obligations impossible or may be considered impossible due to the existing circumstances. Force Majeure is in particular: weather conditions, breakdowns or disruptions in the operation of devices supplying electricity, heat, light, military operations or actions of state or local authorities in the field of policy, laws and regulations affecting the performance of obligations.

2) All complaints should be submitted in writing within 14 days from the end of the Festival to the Organiser’s correspondence address in point 1

3) Persons who have been refused entry to the Festival or staying on its premises as a result of not complying with the provisions of the regulations, are not entitled to a refund for the Ticket or any claims for damages.

4) In the event of cancellation of the Event, the Organizer undertakes to return the price of the Ticket in the amount of its purchase in the official distribution less the commission of payment operators. The organizer does not pay any additional compensation or damages.

6. Postanowienia końcowe

1) Official correspondence to the Organizer should be sent to the address indicated in point 1 in writing.

2) In matters not covered by the Regulations, the provisions of the Criminal Code and the Civil Code shall apply

3) These Regulations are available: on the website and at the entrance to the Event area, and from the Organizer:

The Regulations enter into force on January 1, 2020